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Figure 6

From: Functional significance of the signal transduction pathways Akt and Erk in ovarian follicles: in vitro and in vivo studies in cattle and sheep

Figure 6

Follicular fluid oestradiol concentrations (mean ± sem) in ewes in which the largest follicle was treated in vivo with control solution with DMSO (DMSO n = 5), PD98059 (PD, n = 5), LY294002 (LY, n = 4) or PD98059 plus LY294002 (PD+LY, n = 4). The second follicle in each animal served as an untreated control (n = 18). All other follicles were ablated via electrocautery. Follicular fluid was sampled from follicles at the time of surgery (via laparotomy) and 48 h later after the ovaries were recovered. * indicates differences (P < 0.05) between concentrations at surgery and recovery.

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