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Table 3 Relationship between absolute serum CA125 levels during chemotherapy and survival in ovarian cancer

From: Role of CA125 in predicting ovarian cancer survival - a review of the epidemiological literature

First Author, Year, Study Place Data Collection Study Design Sample Size Groups being Compared RR/HR, (95% CI), P-Value Conclusion Variables Adjusted for
Colakovic S, 2000, Yugoslavia [51] NA Retrospective study 222 ≤ 35 U/ml & > 35 U/ml < 0.0001 The time needed for normalization of CA125 levels can divide patients into good and poor prognostic groups early during chemotherapy Therapeutic response Karnofsky index, residual disease, tumor grade, CA125 half-life, CA125 kinetics
Gadducci A, 1995, Italy [40] 1986 to 1992 Multicentric retrospective study 225 < 35 U/ml & > 35 U/ml before the third cycle of chemotherapy NA Serum CA125 half-life during early chemotherapy was an independent prognostic factor for both the achievement of a pathological complete response and the survival of patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer FIGO stage, tumor grade, size of residual disease, serum CA125 before the first cycle of chemotherapy & serum CA125 half life
Yedema CA, 1993, Netherlands [52] July 1984 to Dec 1990 Retrospective study 60 ≤ 35 U/ml & > 35 U/ml 5.60 (1.16-27.1), 0.03 There was a significant co relationship between serum CA125 levels after three courses of chemotherapy and survival in ovarian cancer. Stage, histology, grade, tumor rest