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Table 1 Parp-inhibitors on Clinical Trials

From: BRCA1/2 genetic background-based therapeutic tailoring of human ovarian cancer: hope or reality?

Parp-inhibitors Pharmaceutical Company Clinical development
AstraZeneca Breast, ovarian and prostate cancer BRCA1-BRCA2 related
Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Pacreatic cancer
Colorectal cancer
Melanoma neoplasm
Unspecified adult solid tumors
BSI-201 BiPar Sciences Inc. Uterine cancer
Brain neoplasm
Triple negative breast cancer
ABT-888 Abbott Metastatic Melanoma
Skin cancer
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Primary Peritoneal Cancer
Fallopian Tube Cancer
MK 4827 Merck & Co. Inc. BRCA-related ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer
Solid tumors