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Table 1 Classification of ovarian tumors

From: Mucins in ovarian cancer diagnosis and therapy

Epithelial ovarian tumors (90%) Mostly diagnosed after the age of 50. Germ cell neoplasm (3%) Mostly diagnosed under the age of 30 Gonado-stromal tumors (6%) No particular pattern with age
Serous Teratomas Granulosa cell tumors
Mucinous Mature cyst teratomas Thecomas
Endometroid Immature teratomas Fibrosarcomas
Clear cell Dysgerminomas Sertoli cell tumors
Transitional cell or Brenner tumors Yolk sac tumors
Embryonal carcinomas
Leydig cell tumors
  1. Metastatic tumors: Ovaries may have tumors due to secondary metastatis of stomach, colon, pancreas, appendix, breast, and hematopoietic system.