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Table 4 Some mucin-based and other emerging therapies for ovarian cancer treatment [8894]

From: Mucins in ovarian cancer diagnosis and therapy

Antibody targeting Vaccines
  Antibody-based Antigen-based Cell-based
Anti-HER2/neu antibody (Herceptin) [In use] Idiotypic vaccination with anti-MUC1 HMFG1MAb [Phase I trial] MUC1 presenting Immunogens [Phase I] Fusions of ovarian carcinoma cells and dendritic cells (DC) [Preclinical]
90Y-labelled anti-MUC1 HMFG1 MAb [Phase 1] Anti-CA-125 B43.13 MAb vaccine (OvaRex) [Phase IIb] Peptides derived from a folate binding protein [Phase 1] MUC1 RNA transfected dendritic cells [Preclinical]
131I-labelled OC125 MAb [Phase I/II] Anti-idiotypic antibody ACA-125 vaccine [Phase I/II] Synthetic Lewis (y)-protein conjugate vaccine [Phase 1] Genetically engineered GM-CSF producing tumor cells
131I-labelled MOv8 chimeric MAb [Phase 1]   Her2/neu presenting peptides vaccines [Phase 1] Her2/neu and MUC1 peptide pulsed dendritic cells [Pilot study]
Nano-RIT with CA125 and anti-HER2 MAb [Under investigation]   Theratope STn-KLH cancer vaccine [Phase 1] Dendritic cells pulsed with tumor-lysate