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Table 2 Signaling

From: Microarray analysis of Foxl2 mediated gene regulation in the mouse ovary derived KK1 granulosa cell line: Over-expression of Foxl2 leads to activation of the gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor gene promoter

Gene Symbol Name Entrez
Gene ID
Akt1 Thymoma viral proto-oncogene 1 11651 E16
Akt2 Thymoma viral proto-oncogene 2 11652 P0
Ccr2 chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 2 12772 RA +4
Ctla4** cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 12477 RA -5.2
Dlg5 Discs, large homolog 5 71228 MA -3.7, RA -3.6
Eda** ectodysplasin-A 13607 RA -3.9
Fgf8 fibroblast growth factor 8 14179 MR -4.8
Gnrhr*** Gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor 14715 MA -2.5, MR -3.3
Gucy1b3 Guanylate cyclase 1, soluble, beta 3 54195 MR -2.7
Irak1 Interleukin-1 receptor associated kinase 1 16179 E16
Ltk Leukocyte tyrosine kinase 17005 MA -2.9
Mrgpre** MAS-related GPR, member E 244238 NA-1.91
Npy1r* Neuropeptide Y receptor Y1 18166 RA-1.79
Pard3 Par-3(partitioning defective 3)homolog(C. elegans) 263803 E13
Ppp1r1b Protein phosphatase1, regulatory(inhibitor)subunit 1 19049 P0
Prlr Prolactin receptor 19116 MA -7.3, MR -7.3
Ptpn6** Protein tyrosine phosphatase, nonreceptor type 6 15170 MR-2.5, RA+2.1
Reln* Reelin 19699 MR +7.7
Slit2 Slit homolog 2 (drosophila) 20563 MA -6, MR -11.6
Stc1 Stanniocalcin 1 20855 P0
Stk3 Serine/threonine kinase 3(STE20 homolog, yeast) 56274 E16
Thbd* Thrombomodulin 21824 NA-2.3, NR-2.5
Tmsb10 Thymosin, beta 10 19240 RA +3.4
Wnt9a Wingless related MMTV integration site 9a 216795 P0
  1. All genes listed that do not have an asterisk after the gene symbol are common to our study and the in vivo in mouse ovary study only [7]. Genes denoted by a single asterisk* are common to our study and the human KGN cell line only [6]. Those indicated by ** are common to all three studies. The (-) symbol indicates fold decreased expression. The (+) symbol indicates fold increased expression. MA compares mock (M) transfected cells to activated (A) cells (Foxl2-VP16 transfected). MR compares mock (M) transfected to repressed (R) cells (Foxl2-Mad transfected). RA compares repressed to activated cells. E16 and E13 are mouse embryonic stages day 16 and 13, respectively. P0 is mouse birth stage.