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Table 3 Corpus luteum-related CL-RI in the treatment groups

From: Luteal blood flow in patients undergoing GnRH agonist long protocol

  No. of CL CL-RI No. of CL with CL-RI < 0.51
Control 17 0.552 ± 0.013 3/17
HCG 21 0.457 ± 0.011a 18/21b
Vitamin E 18 0.448 ± 0.012a 16/18b
  1. Corpus luteum-resistance index (CL-RI) was measured in each corpus luteum of the patient during the mid-luteal phase in the control group, HCG group, and vitamin E group. The table summarizes the data in Figure 1. The value shows the mean ± SEM from the CL-RI of each corpus luteum. In this study, when CL-RI was more than 0.51, the corpus luteum was evaluated as having decreased blood flow.
  2. a; p < 0.01 v.s. control (Kruskal-Wallis test followed by the Mann-Whitney U-test using the Bonferroni correction). b; p < 0.01 v.s. control (x2-test with Bonferroni correction).