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Table 1 Histologic subtyping of DMBA-induced ovarian carcinomas in rats

From: Enhanced efficacy and specificity of epithelial ovarian carcinogenesis by embedding a DMBA-coated cloth strip in the ovary of rat

Tumor subtypes Histologic features
Adenocarcinoma Serous carcinoma An adenocarcinoma characterized by a pattern of papillae with cellular budding
  Endometrioid carcinoma An adenocarcinoma composed of simple or pseudostratified epithelial cells, or occasionally with squamous differentiation
  clear cell carcinoma An adenocarcinoma mainly composed of hobnail cells
  mucinous carcinoma An adenocarcinoma composed of endocervical-like and intestinal type cells
Granulosa cell tumor   A neoplasm composed of granulosa cells
Squamous carcinoma   A carcinoma composed of squamous epithelial cells
Sarcoma   A neoplasm composed of malignant nonepithelial cells
Malignant teratoma   Teratoma with any malignant contents
Undifferentiated carcinoma   A carcinoma with no Specifically differentiated cells
Benign ovarian tumor   All tumors without malignant characters