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Table 1 14-item criteria assessing the methodological quality of included studies [9, 10]

From: Health-related quality of life in women with endometriosis: a systematic review

1 Socio-demographic and medical data are clearly described
2 Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria are formulated
3 The process of data collection is described (e.g. Interview or self-report, etc.)
4 The type of treatment is described
5 The results are compared between two groups or more
6 Mean or median and range or standard deviation of time since diagnosis or treatment is given.
7 Participation and response rates for patient groups have to be described and have to be >75%.
8 Information is presented about patient/disease characteristics of respondents and non-respondents or if there is no selective response.
9 A standardized or valid HRQoL questionnaire is used.
10 Results are described not only for HRQoL but also for the physical, psychological and social domains.
11 Key findings are clearly stated.
12 An attempt is made to find a set of determinants with the highest prognostic value.
13 Patient signed an informed consent form before study participation.
14 The degree of selection of the patient sample is described.