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Table 2 Details of antibodies used for immunolocalization studies

From: Gonadotropin treatment augments postnatal oogenesis and primordial follicle assembly in adult mouse ovaries?

Antibody Marker Source Dilution Reason to conduct IHC Ref
FSHR Polyclonal FSHR: membrane bound receptor of FSH Gift 1:100 To study cells responsive to PMSG [49]
PCNA Monoclonal PCNA: nuclear protein that functions during DNA replication Sigma 1:5000 To study proliferating cells [50]
OCT-4 Polyclonal OCT-4 isoforms: OCT-4A is a nuclear transcription factor and OCT-4B is cytoplasmic Abcam 1:100 To study pluripotent and progenitor stem cells [32]
SCP3 Polyclonal SCP3: a nuclear protein required for homologous recombination during meiosis I Abcam 1:500 To study presence of cells undergoing meiosis [36]
VASA Polyclonal MVH: germ cell specific cytoplasmic protein expressed from primordial germ cell stage R&D System 1:500 To study early germ cells and oocytes [51, 52]