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Table 5 Tukeys post hoc test for significant difference among the resistant cell lines

From: Distinct genetic alterations occur in ovarian tumor cells selected for combined resistance to carboplatin and docetaxel

Gene designation F-test (p Value) A2780CBN vs A2780DXL A2780CBN vs A2780CBNDXL A2780DXL vs A2780CBNDXL
   p < 0.05 P < 0.05 P < 0.05
ABCB1 2.23E-05 Yes Yes Yes
ANXA1 1.19E-04 Yes Yes Yes
FLRT3 7.57E-02 No No No
GSTO1 3.44E-01 No No No
LAYN 4.76E-02 No No No
MT2A 2.78E-01 No No No
PRSS7 2.00E-01 No No No
AKR1C3 3.70E-03 No Yes Yes
CDH7 1.88E-02 No Yes Yes
CDH11 3.47E-04 No Yes Yes
PARP9 9.73E-03 No Yes Yes
GCLC 7.27E-05 Yes Yes No
GSTO2 2.18E-03 Yes Yes No
CYP1B1 3.82E-05 Yes No Yes
LGI1 9.61E-06 Yes No Yes
ABCB4 *1.92E-02 N.A. N.A. *N.A.
  1. *t-test p=0.019.