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Table 4 Showing results of the 4 studies

From: Relevance of immunohistochemical expression of p57kip2 in epithelial ovarian carcinoma- A systematic literature review

Author p57 kip2 Positivity in EOC Benign tumours Borderline tumours Clinical outcome
Rosenberg E 48/53 n/a n/a n/a No relation to survival status
Sui L 19/47 21/33 Normal ovarian tissue expression was positive (data not included) 12/23 Significant correlation between p57kip2 expression and tumour grades/clinical stages noted. Low p57kip2 expression associated with poor survival. Important prognostic implications exist
Khouja MH <10%Positivity in 130/171 & >10% in 41/171 n/a n/a No correlation exists with clinical and prognostic outcomes
   0/10 positivity in normal Ovarian tissue   
Guo J 15/55 12/15 Normal ovarian tissue expression was positive in 16/17 6/8 Not described as clinical correlation not assessed