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Figure 1

From: The G protein-coupled estrogen receptor 1 (GPER/GPR30) does not predict survival in patients with ovarian cancer

Figure 1

GPER gene expression in ovarian tumors GPER mRNA, normalized to CDKN1A mRNA, in ovarian tumor tissue samples (n = 42). Histology was classified as benign (BE), borderline (BO), and malignant. The latter group was further split according to differentiation as grade 1 (G1), grade 2 (G2), and grade 3 (G3). G1 and G2 are presented together due to low number of samples in G2. The number of samples (n) in each group is indicated in the figure. GPER mRNA levels were not different between the groups, but the number of samples with high GPER mRNA levels (> 0.5 arbitrary cut-off) was higher in malignant (6/22) than in benign/borderline samples (0/20), (p = 0.02; Fisher's exact test).

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