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Figure 4

From: The G protein-coupled estrogen receptor 1 (GPER/GPR30) does not predict survival in patients with ovarian cancer

Figure 4

Western blot of GPER in ovarian tumors with semi-quantification A) GPER protein was detected as a single band at 54 kDa in Western blots of primary ovarian tumor extracts. Abbreviations are as in Figure 1. NC = negative control (extract from HEK-293 cells). B) The tissue content of GPER protein was semi-quantified by densitometric scanning of the bands, and presented as integrated optical density (IOD). The number of samples (n) in each group is given in the graph. GPER protein levels were not different between benign/borderline tumors and malignant tumors, although G3 tumors had higher level than benign tumors (p = 0.03). However, the number of samples with elevated GPER protein (> 500 arbitrary cut-off) was higher in malignant (10/24) than in benign/borderline tumors (1/16), (p = 0.01, Fisher's exact test).

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