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Table 2 The MRI findings of five cases of Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors

From: Ovarian Sertoli–Leydig cell tumors: MRI findings and pathological correlation

Case no Site Size (cm 3) Components SI (solid) SI (cystic) Enhancement (solid)
1 Left 6.6×6.1×6.2 Purely solid Low Moderate \ \ Intense
2 Right 4.7×5.0×4.2 Mainly solid# Low Moderate Low High Intense
3 Left 25×20×38 Mainly cystic* Low Moderate Low High Intense
4 Left 20×15×15 Purely cystic Low Moderate Low High Intense
5 Left 3.7×4.3×4.3 Purely cystic Low Moderate Moderate/low High Intense
  1. SI = Signal Intensity; # Mainly Solid with multiple small cysts; * Mainly Cystic with intracystic solid area and mural nodules.