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Table 3 The GO analysis of the three modules

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Investigation of the hub genes and related mechanism in ovarian cancer via bioinformatics analysis

Category Term Description Count P value
Module A Enrichment score: 17.28123992198
BP GO:0000278 Mitotic cell cycle 18 1.21E-20
BP GO:0007049 Cell cycle 21 6.99E-20
BP GO:0022403 Cell cycle phase 18 8.21E-20
BP GO:0022402 Cell cycle process 19 3.72E-19
BP GO:0000279 M phase 16 5.88E-18
BP GO:0000280 Nuclear division 14 6.30E-17
BP GO:0007067 Mitosis 14 6.30E-17
BP GO:0000087 M phase of mitotic cell cycle 14 7.98E-17
BP GO:0048285 Organelle fission 14 1.07E-16
BP GO:0051301 Cell division 14 3.01E-15
Module B Enrichment score: 2.48970202313
BP GO:0009611 Response to wounding 8 5.04E-04
BP GO:0050817 Coagulation 4 2.68E-03
BP GO:0007596 Blood coagulation 4 2.68E-03
BP GO:0007599 Hemostasis 4 3.16E-03
BP GO:0050878 Regulation of body fluid levels 4 6.65E-03
Module C Enrichment score: 4.39218066431
MF GO:0003700 Transcription factor activity 15 1.97E-07
MF GO:0030528 Transcription regulator activity 18 1.97E-07
MF GO:0043565 Sequence-specific DNA binding 12 6.00E-07
BP GO:0006355 Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 19 7.70E-07
BP GO:0051252 Regulation of RNA metabolic process 19 1.08E-06
BP GO:0045449 Regulation of transcription 20 4.71E-05
MF GO:0003677 DNA binding 18 8.11E-05
BP GO:0006357 Regulation of transcription from 10 2.16E-04
RNA polymerase II promoter
BP GO:0006350 Transcription 16 5.92E-04
  1. Category stands for the GO function, BP stands for biological process, MF stands for molecule function, enrichment score stands for score of GO enrichment.