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Figure 2

From: Gene therapy of ovarian cancer using IL-21-secreting human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in nude mice

Figure 2

Detection of IL-21 expression and its bioactivity in hUCMSCs transducted with recombinant lentiviral-IL-21. Panels A-B indicate morphology of hUCMSCs transducted with recombinant lentiviral-IL-21 under a light microscope (A) and a fluorescence microscope (B) at magnification 100×; C-D. IL-21 expression was identified by Western blotting (C) and relative expression of IL-21 (D); E-G. The effects of the supernatants from the cultured control hUCMSCs (E), hUCMSCs-LV-Vec (F), and hUCMSCs-LV-IL-21 (G) on the splenocyte’s proliferative activity, respectively; H. The statistical analysis of splenocyte’s proliferative activity. ***p < 0.005.

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