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Table 1 Summary of clear cell adenocarcinoma of the peritoneum

From: Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the peritoneum: a case report and literature review

Case Authors Age Tumor size and location Past history or concurrent disease Concurrent endometriosis Treatment Residual tumour Outcome
1 Evans et al. [3] 54 18×13 cm Both Ov EM, AM, EH Yes DS followed by RT (pelvic; 4500R,upper abdomen;3000 R) None NA
sigmoid mesocolon
2 Lee et al. [4] 67 6 cm Concurrent EMA G1 of Ut (stageIb) No DS+TAH+BSO >2 cm NA
3 Tziortzioti et al. [5] 62 0.5-2 cm Concurrent CCC in EP No DS+TAH+BSO +OM followed by CHT (6 cycles, regimen NA) >2 cm DOD at 6 mo
Peritoneal and omental
4 Ichimura et al. [6] 45 NA Both Ov EM Yes DS+TAH+BSO followed by CHT (3 cycles of CPA,CDDP, CBDCA) None ROD at 32 mo
5 Hama et al. [7] 53 NA EM Yes DS+BSO followed by CHT (regimen NA) >2 cm DOD at 5 mo
Ascites and small peritoneal solid lesions
6 Terada et al. [8] 49 3 cm, 2 cm Past EMA G3 of Ut (TAH+BSO) No DS None NED at 6 mo
Gastric peritoneal, splenic hilus
7 Takano et al. [9] 53 5 cm None No DS followed by CHT (1 cycle of CPT-11,CDDP, 1 cycle of TC) >2 cm DOD at 5 mo
Upper abdomen between liver and diaphragm and omentum
8 Takano et al. [9] 66 15×20 cm None No DS+TAH+BSO+OM+PLD+PAD followed by CHT (6 cycles of CPT-11, CDDP) None NED at 20 mo
Infracolic omentum and peritoneum of right abdominal wall
9 Matsuo et al. [10] 37 14×13 cm EM Yes DS followed by CHT (6 cycles of TC), Secondary devulking surgery None ROD at 18 mo
Abdominal scar of EM surgery
10 Muezzinoglu et al. [11] 54 25 cm Peritoneal EM Yes DS+TAH+BSO following by CHT (regimen NA) None NED at 12 mo
11 Johnson et al. [12] 54 5.6×3.7×3.5 cm 3xMMs, TAH+BSO for LM and menorrhagia No CHT (6 cycles of TC) followed by EBR followed by the interstitial HDR BT boost <2 cm ROD at 4 mo
proximal vagina and vaginal cuff
12 This report 59 7 cm AM, EM Yes DS+TAH+BSO+PLD followed by CHT (6 cycles of TC) None NED at 5 mo
Pelvic (pouch of douglas)
  1. EM, endometriosis; Ov, ovary; Ut, uterus; AM, adenomyosis); EH, endometrial hyperplasia; EP, endometrial polyp; LM, leiomyoma; EMA, endometrial adenocarcinoma; CCC, clear cell adenocarcinoma, MM, myomectomy; DS, debulking surgery; PLD, pelvic lymph node dissection; PAD, para-aortic lymph node dissection; OM, omentectomy; CHT, chemotherapy; RT, radiotherapy; EBR, external beam radiotherapy; BT, brachytherapy; CPT-11, irinotecan hydrochloride; CDD, cisplatin; CBDCA, carboplatin; CPA, cyclophosphamide; NED, no evidence of disease; ROD, recurrence of disease; DOD, dead of disease; NA, not available; mo, months.