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Figure 1

From: Interleukin-2 and SOCS-1 proteins involvement in the pathophysiology of severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome-a preliminary proof of concept

Figure 1

Amplification time for fluorescence detection and melting curve of PCR product. A: Melting curve (heat dissociation) analyses for IL-2 gene expression. One PCR product peak at 78°C visible for the target PCR. The negative control shows no visible PCR product. B: Melting curve of PCR product for SOCS-1 gene. The real time PCR specificity was determined by the dissociation temperature of PCR products. The single peak at 84°C corresponded to the specific PCR product of SOCS-1 gene. C–D: Quantification of IL-2 (C) and SOCS-1(D) genes, in OHSS patients compared to control. Subsequently the ΔCT for each sample was determined using the equation ΔCT = CTtarget gene – CThousekeeping gene. ΔCT = CT (IL-2) – CT (GAPDH) ΔCT = CT (SOCS-1) – CT (GAPDH).

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