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Figure 3

From: A metabolomic approach to identifying platinum resistance in ovarian cancer

Figure 3

MetaboAnalyst analysis. (A) Human pathways of Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) (80) are simultaneously plotted to show the most significant pathways in terms of Global Test p-value (vertical axis, shades of red) and impact (horizontal axis, circle diameter). The top 6 pathways that arise with low p-values (−LN(P) > 15) and with “high” impact (impact > 0.3) are indicated in the table. Log mean of the individual metabolites altered within each metabolic pathway are represented as bar graphs. (B) Cysteine and methionine pathway; (C) D-arginine and ornithine metabolism; (D) starch and sucrose metabolism; (E) amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism; (F) pyrimidine metabolism; and (G) glutathione metabolism. *p < 0.05. Abbreviations: Comps: compounds; FDR: false discovery rate.

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