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Table 3 List of molecular pathways containing genes with activated (↑) and repressed (↓) level of mRNA in DHT treated compared to CTL rat ovary groups

From: Polycystic ovarian syndrome is accompanied by repression of gene signatures associated with biosynthesis and metabolism of steroids, cholesterol and lipids

Biosynthesis of steroids CYP51, ↓HMGCR, ↓SQLE, ↓HSD17B7, ↓FDFT1, ↓LSS, MVD, ↓FDPS, ↓IDI1, ↓SC5DL, ↓EBP, ↓SC4MOL, ↓TM7SF2, ↓DHCR24, ↓NSDHL
TGF-beta signaling pathway ↑INHBB, ↑INHBA, ↑AMH, ↑BMP2, ↑FOXO1, ↑FOXP2, ↓FKBP1A,↑ INHA, BAMBI, ↑CITED1, ↓CITED2
Leukocyte transendothelial migration ↑CXCL12, ↓THY1, ↓BCAR1, ↓PECAM1,↓ CXCR4, ↑CLDN11, ↑MYL9, ↓SIPA1
Cholesterol biosynthesis MVD, ↓HMGCR, ↓HMGCS1, ↓FDPS, ↓IDI1, ↓FDFT1
Pyruvate metabolism ME1, ↓DLAT, ↑ALDH1B1, ↓ME2, ↓ACAT2, ↓ACSS2, ↑ME3
Glycerophospholipid metabolism PLA2G1B, ↑PLA2G2A, ↓GPD1, ↓CDS1,↓ PCYT2, ↑ETNK2, ↑CRLS1
Complement and coagulation cascades A2M, ↓C2, ↓PLAU, ↑TFPI, ↑MASP1,↓ CFB, ↓C1QA
Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis HK1, ↓HK2, ↓DLAT, ↑FBP2, ↑ALDH1B1,↓ACSS2
Adipocytokine signaling pathway ↑JAK2, ↓NFKBIB, ↑IRS3, ↓ACSL3, ↓ADIPOR, ↑STK11
Butanoate metabolism HMGCS1, ↓AACS, ↑ALDH1B1, ↓ACAT2, ↑ACSM5
Terpenoid biosynthesis SQLE, ↓FDFT1, ↓FDPS, ↓IDI1
Ether lipid metabolism PLA2G1B, ↑PLA2G2A, ↑PAFAH1B3, ↑ENPP6
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) ACLY, ↓IDH1, ↓DLAT, ↓DLST
Androgen and estrogen metabolism ↑SRD5A1, ↓ HSD17B1, ↓HSD17B7, ↓HSD3B6
Androgen/estrogene/progesterone biosynthesis HSD3B6, ↓CYP11A1, ↓NSDHL, ↓CYP19A1
Glutathione metabolism GPX1, ↓IDH1, ↓GSTT1, ↑GPX7
Lysine degradation ↑ALDH1B1, ↓DLST, ↓ACAT2, ↑MGC109340
Fatty acid metabolism ↑ACSL3, ↓ACAA2, ↑ALDH1B1, ↓ACAT2
Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation HMGCS1, ↓ACAA2, ↑ALDH1B1, ↓ACAT2