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Fig. 5

From: Thymoquinone enhances cisplatin-response through direct tumor effects in a syngeneic mouse model of ovarian cancer

Fig. 5

TQ combined with cisplatin increases expression of the DNA damage mark pH2AX(ser139) in cultured ID8-NGL cells. a Cultured ID8-NGL cells were treated with vehicle, TQ (25 μM), cisplatin (1 μM) or the combination for 24 h. Immunofluorescent nuclear stain for pH2AX(ser139) is shown in green; DAPI-stained nuclei are in blue. b The number of cell nuclei displaying less than 6 foci (negative), between 6 and 20 foci, greater than 20 foci and diffuse pan-nuclear (Pan-nuc) staining for pH2AX(ser139) foci was quantified and is presented in percentages. At least 200 cells were counted (×60 objective) for each drug treatment per experiment. Values are mean + SD for 3 independent experiments; *p < 0.01 compared to vehicle; a p < 0.01 relative to TQ alone; b p < 0.01 relative to cisplatin alone, all Student’s t test

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