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Fig. 3

From: Perspective in infertility: the ovarian stem cells

Fig. 3

Flow cytometry analysis of OSCs. Fluorescence flow cytometry analysis of OSCs before (left) and after (right) the separation by the immunomagnetic procedure. The population was first gated (P4) in relation to the cell size and then assessed in double fluorescence analysis to detect Ddx4 on ovarian cells expressing OCT4A antigen as ontogenetic marker. As shown, the OCT4A+/Ddx4+ cell population was expanded after the immunomagnetic selection (middle), since the Ddx4+ cell population was increased up to 24 % (right) of the original 2 % (left) value in the initial cortical ovarian suspension, with a remarkable fluorescence intensity suggesting the high molecular expression of Ddx4 molecule

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