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Table 2 List of enriched pathways (p <0.05), in which genes predicted to be targeted by differentially expressed miRNAs (P <0.05) between follicular fluid from hyperstimulated vs. unstimulated heifers

From: Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation induced changes in the expression of circulatory miRNA in bovine follicular fluid and blood plasma

Pathway miRNAs involved P value Top genes
Overexpressed miRNAs (hyp vs. unst)
TGF-beta signaling pathway miR-106b, −132, −148b-5p, −182, −212, −374a, −548j 1.75E-07 TGFBR2, TGFB2, SMAD2, SMAD3, SMAD4, BMPR2
Axon guidance miR-22-5p, −30b, −31, −33a-3p, −182, −132, −550a 2.85E-06 EFNB1, DCC, EPHB4, EPHA3, PLXNA1, PAK4
MAPK signaling pathway miR-30b, −106b, −132, −182, −212, −548j, −202-5p 6.43E-05 MAP3K1, MAP3K5, KRAS, MRAS, GRB2, FGF7
Endocytosis miR-33a-3p, −106b, −182, −374a, −374b, −202-5p 3.83E-04 RAB11FIP4, RAB11FIP2, EEA1, IGF1R, EPS15, EPN
Colorectal cancer miR-30b, −33a-3p, −106b, −132, −212, −384, −494 5.94E-04 SOS1, FZD3, SMAD2, DCC, MAPK1, BAX
Pathways in cancer miR-33a-3p, −107, −132, −212, −494, −495, −548j 5.95E-04 E2F1, FGF18, WNT16, FGF7, PTEN, MITF
Wnt signaling pathway miR-132, −212, −33a-3p, −494, −940, −495, −548j, −107 6.73E-04 LRP5, LRP6, TCF7, PLCB4, DVL3, WNT1, WNT5A
Neurotrophin signaling pathway miR-106b, −30b, −940, −182, −212, −107, 0.001267 PIK3R2, NTRK2, NTRK3, RPS6KA6, IRS1, RAC1
Oocyte meiosis miR-212, −132, −940, 495, −595, −107 0.003369 CDC27, CPEB1, PRKACB, FBXW11, MAPK1, RPS6KA3
GnRH signaling pathway miR-940, −495 0.007085 PRKCA, SRC, MAP3K2, MAPK14, GRB2, MAP3K3
Underexpressed miRNAs (Hyp vs. Unst)
Pathways in cancer miR-659, −141, −190, −449a, −200c, −361-5p, −145 9.51E-12 KRAS, PTEN, VEGFA, STAT5B, MITF, BCL2
MAPK signaling pathway miR-23a, −23b, −141, −145, −200c, −92a, −125b, −24 2.94E-11 MKNK2, MEF2C, FGF, SOS1, RAS, MAerkPK2
Wnt signaling pathway miR-125b, −449a, −302e, −145, −23a, −29b-2-5p, −659, −200c 2.76E-08 LRP5, LRP6, TCF7, PLCB4, DVL3, WNT1, WNT5A
ErbB signaling pathway miR-23a, −23b, −125b, −206, −302e, −513c 3.19E-07 ERBB4, GRB2, SHC1, PIK3R3, PIK3CD, AKT3
Colorectal cancer miR-659, 23a, −23b, −141, −190, −449a, −200c, −361-5p, −145 4.48E-07 DCC, APPL1, TGFBR2, SMAD3, SMAD4, APC
Axon guidance miR-23a, −23b, −200c, −145 7.23E-07 PLXNC1, EFNB2, PAK4, DCC, SEMA6A, PAK7, MET
Neurotrophin signaling pathway miR-302e, −361-5p, −452, −525-5p, −449a, −659 1.82E-06 NTRK2, NGFR, KRAS, MAP3K1, PIK3R3, PLCG1
Renal cell carcinoma miR-659, −141, −190, −449a, −200c, −361-5p, −145 3.75E-05 GAB1, MET, SOS1, GRB2, VEGFA, NRAS
Focal adhesion miR-24, −27b, −125a-3p, −139-5p, −206, −200c 5.04E-05 ITGB3, PXN, SHC3, ACTB, SRC, PAK2
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton miR-200c, −145, −27b, −92a, −300, −206 8.29E-05 RAC1, ROCK2, GIT1, PIK3R3, ITGA3, LIMK1