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Table 3 List of enriched pathways (P < 0.05), in which genes predicted to be targeted by differentially expressed miRNAs (P < 0.05) in blood plasma of hyperstimulated vs. unstimulated heifers

From: Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation induced changes in the expression of circulatory miRNA in bovine follicular fluid and blood plasma

Pathway name miRNA involved P value Top genes
Overexpressed miRNAs (hyp vs. unst)
 Pathways in cancer let-7 g, miR- 20b-3p, −22, −26b-3p, −34a, −221, −181c 1.44E-09 AKT3, PIK3R3, RASSF1, KRAS, MEK, DCC
 Wnt signaling pathway let-7 g, miR-221, −32 4.04E-08 WNT1, SMAD2, DKK2, DVL3, VANGL2, CCND1
 Neurotrophin signaling pathway let-7 g, miR-22, −181c, −221 6.73E-08 NTRK2, IRS2, AKT3, NGF, PIK3CD, NRAS
 Axon guidance miR-34a, −181c, −221 2.19E-07 PLXNC1, DPYSL2, PAK1, MET, KRAS, EFNB1
 Endocytosis miR-22, −34a, −130b-3p, −576-5p 1.23E-06 TGFBR1, RAB5A, RAB11FIP4, PDCD6IP, VPS37A
 MAPK signaling pathway let-7 g, miR-22, −32, −34a, −221 2.69E-06 RRAS, MAP3K1, MAPK1, MAPK9, SRF, MAP2K4
 Colorectal cancer let-7 g, miR-22, −26b-3p, −24-2-5p 4.59E-06 DCC, TGFBR1, KRAS, MAP2K1, AKT3, CASP3
 Chronic myeloid leukemia miR-22, −181c, −221 4.98E-06 NRAS, AKT2, BCR, MAPK1, GAB2, BCL2L1
 TGF-beta signaling pathway miR-26b-3p, −221, −22, −32 9.63E-06 ACVR2A, TGFBR2, SMAD2, SMAD4, BMP7
 ErbB signaling pathway miR-22, −181c, −221 2.96E-05 ERBB4, GAB1, MAP2K1, PAK4, PIK3CD
Underexpressed miRNAs (Hyp vs. Unst)
 Pathways in cancer miR-125b, −153, −410, −494 9.51E-12 DCC, GRB2, SMAD2, SOS1, E2F3
 MAPK signaling pathway mir-125b, −153, −494 2.94E-11 MEF2C, MAPKAPK2, MAP3K1, TGFB2, FGFR2
 Wnt signaling pathway miR-147, −153, −410, −494 2.76E-08 LRP6, WNT5A, DVL3, DKK2, PLCB1, ANGL2
 ErbB signaling pathway miR-125b, −410 3.19E-07 ERBB4, SOS1, MAPK1, NRG3, GAB1, MAP2K7
 Colorectal cancer miR-125b, −410, −153, −494 4.48E-07 DCC, BCL2, SMAD4, RAF1, SMAD2, PIK3R3
 Axon guidance miR-147, −153, −410, −494 7.23E-07 PLXNA2, ROCK2, EFNA3, NFAT5, MAPK1
 Neurotrophin signaling pathway miR-125b, −134, −147, −494 1.82E-06 NTF3, MAP3K1, SOS1, SORT1, BCL2
 Melanogenesis miR-134, −99a-3p 4.52E-06 MAPK1, WNT5A, KRAS, GNAI3, CREB1
 Melanoma miR-125b, −494 1.70E-05 E2F2, FGFR1, IGF1R, FGF7, RAF1
 Prostate cancer miR-125b, −147, −153, −410, −494 1.82E-05 FGFR2,, IGF1R, MAPK1, IGF1, BCL2