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Table 2 Summary of nodal gliomatosis cases reported in the literatures

From: Gliomatosis peritonei: a series of eight cases and review of the literature

Authors Age LN sites Primary tumor Treatment Outcome
Benirschke [16], 1960 18 ys Retroperitoneal,ilac,cervical axillary Mature teratoma chemoradiotherapy Dead 8 months
Nagashima [13], 1974 22ys Inguinal, mesenteric, mediastinal, cervical IMT S+ Ch Dead 8 months
Shafie [14] 1984 12 ys Omental MT S+ Ch NR 5 ys
Perrone [15] 1986 10 mo Para-arotic IMT G1 Surgery NR 9 months
Khan [17] 2005 23 ys Lymph node IMT G1 S+ Ch NA
Fang [18] 2015 20 ys Para-arotic IMT G3 S+ Ch Alive 36 months
Kim [6] 2013 34 ys Hypogastric IMT G1 S NR 9 months
Li Liang [8] 2015 18 ys Lymph node IMT G1 NA ANED 19 months
  42 ys Lymph node MGCT NA AWD 23 months
  10 ys Lymph node MGCT NA ANED 11 months
Present study 25 ys iliac MT Surgery Alive 3 months
  16 ys Iliac IMT G2 S+ Ch Alive 68 months
  22 ys iliac IMT G1 S+ Ch Alive 60 months
  17 ys iliac IMT G3 S+ Ch Alive 144 months
  1. ANED alive with no evidence of disease, AWD alive with disease, Ch chemotherapy, IMT immature teratoma, LN lymph node, MT mature teratoma, MGCT mixed germ cell tumor, NA not available, NR not recurrence, S surgery, ys years