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Table 3 Antibodies used in the expression analyses of Bos taurus proteins by Western blot

From: Differential regulation of Janus kinase 3 (JAK3) in bovine preovulatory follicles and identification of JAK3 interacting proteins in granulosa cells

Target proteins Antibodies Sources MW (kDa) Conc.
Beta Actin Chicken IgY anti-Beta actin antibody Immune Biosolutions (Cat. # Y00005-002) 42 ---
JAK3 Goat polyclonal anti-JAK3 Santa Cruz Biotechnology (Cat. # sc-1080) 125 0.4 μg/ml
STAT3 Rabbit monoclonal anti-STAT3 Abcam (Cat. # ab32500) 92 0.069 μg/ml
pSTAT3 Rabbit monoclonal anti-pSTAT3 Abcam (Cat. # ab32143) 98 1 μg/ml
STAT5 Rabbit polyclonal anti-STAT5 Abcam (Cat. # ab68465) 90 0.5 μg/ml
pSTAT5 Rabbit polyclonal anti-pSTAT5 Abcam (Cat. # ab97734) 90 1 μg/ml
LEPROTL1 Rabbit polyclonal anti-LEPROTL1 Abcam (Cat. # ab139564) 14 1 μg/ml
INHBA Rabbit polyclonal anti-INHBA Aviva Systems Biology (# ARP54663_P050) 44 0.5 μg/ml
CDKN1B Goat polyclonal anti-CDKN1B/KIP1 Aviva Systems Biology (# OAEB01630) 26 0.1 μg/ml
  1. Abbreviations: pSTAT, phospho STAT, MW molecular weight of target proteins analyzed, Conc., antibody concentrations used for immunoblotting