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Table 1 PGDIS Recommendations for PGS laboratories [47]

From: Is the hypothesis of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) still supportable? A review

1 For reliable detection of mosaicism, ideally 5 cells should be biopsied, with as little cell damage as possible. If the biopsy is facilitated using a laser, the identified contact points should be minimal and preferably at cell junctions. Overly aggressive use of the laser may result in cell damage and partial destruction of cellular DNA.
2 Only a validated Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform that can quantitatively measure copy number should be used for measurement of mosaicism in the biopsy sample. Ideally, a NGS methodology that can accurately and reproducibly measure 20% mosaicism in a known sample.
3 For reporting embryo results, the suggested cut-off point for definition of mosaicism is >20%, so lower levels should be treated as normal (euploid), > 80% abnormal (aneuploid), and the remaining ones between 20-80% mosaic (euploid-aneuploid mosaics).