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Table 2 Types of donor cells, disease model, therapeutic cargos and loading methods

From: A comprehensive overview of exosomes in ovarian cancer: emerging biomarkers and therapeutic strategies

Donor cell Disease model Cargo Loading method
hAMSCs [61] Ovarian cancer miR
HeyA8, SKOV3-ip1, A2780 [65] Ovarian cancer miR-6126 Transfection
MDA-MB-231,STOSE, CD63-GFP [60] Breast and ovarian cancer doxorubicin Electroporation
BM-MSCs [66] Glioblastoma Multiforme Cy5-Anti-miR-9 Transfection
BM-MSCs, SR4987 [67] human pancreatic
Paclitaxel Incubation
BM-MSCs [68] Osteosarcoma miR-143 Transfection
BM-MSCs, Placenta and cord derived MSCs [69] Glioma miR-124,
Adipose tissue -derived MSC [70] Hepatocellular
miR-122 Transfection