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Fig. 1

From: MRI appearance of ovarian serous borderline tumors of the micropapillary type compared to that of typical ovarian serous borderline tumors: radiologic-pathologic correlation

Fig. 1

Case 3 with SBT-MP. 25-year-old woman with bilateral ovarian SBT-MP. Sagittal T2WI (a) shows a solid mass (arrowhead) with inhomogeneous slight hyperintensity on the surface of a normal left ovarian structure (white arrow). The contralateral mass showed similar findings of normal ovarian structure within the mass (not shown). A small amount of ascites is present (black arrow). The internal branching architecture within both masses (arrows) is obscure on both sagittal and axial T2WI (b). Both ovarian masses are hyperintense on DWI (c). A photomicrograph (d) shows diffuse proliferation of the tumor cells in micropapillary projections with little stroma. Pinkish-stained hyaline degeneration (arrowheads) and randomly distributed edema (arrows) in the internal branching fibrous stalk are observed. Tiny cystic lesions that appeared deceptively normal on MRI were confirmed in both ovarian cortexes (e)

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