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Table 4 Genetic analysis

From: Neurofibroma involving obturator nerve mimicking an adnexal mass: a rare case report and PRISMA-driven systematic review

Author Year of publication Family history Genetic analysis of mutation
Beert et al. [21] 2012 No Insertion of chromosomal bands 1p36-p35 at 17q11.2, in 11 of 18 analyzed cells (Biallelic NF1 inactivation).
Jungmann et al. [22] 2016 Yes p.P733L mutation in exon 15 of the KIT gene, while wild-type sequences were found in KIT exons 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 17.
Sawyer et al. [23] 2004 Yes Reciprocal translocation t(4;9)(q31;p22)
Sugiyama et al. [24] 2014 No Abnormal gains in NF1 gene (17q11.2)