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Table 2 Ovulation results and MI plasma concentration in patients undergoing the first and the second phase of the study

From: Effects of myo-inositol plus alpha-lactalbumin in myo-inositol-resistant PCOS women

  MI plasma levels Ovulation
  T0 μmol/l T3 μmol/l T3 (n)
First phase:
treatment with MI alone for 3 months in all patients (no. = 37)
38 ± 2.9 23/37
Second phase:
treatment with MI + α-LA for 3 (further) months in MI-resistant women (no. = 14)
17 ± 3.5a 35 ± 3.8b 12/14
  1. Values are expressed as mean ± SD. T0 baseline; T3 end of treatment (three months)
  2. athis value was found in MI-resistant subjects in the first phase after MI treatment (T3) and represents the baseline value of the second phase
  3. bMI plasma levels in MI-resistant women at T3 were found to be significantly (p <  0.001) higher than at T0