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Table 1 New Scoring System based on a CT evaluation model combined with serum CA125

From: Clinical study of a CT evaluation model combined with serum CA125 in predicting the treatment of newly diagnosed advanced epithelial ovarian cancer

The initial diagnosis of serum CA125 levels (U/ml) Point value
≥ 500 1
<  500 0
Predictive index parameter Point value
Peritoneal thickening 2
Peritoneal implants ≥2 cm 2
Small bowel mesentery disease ≥2 cm 2
Large bowel mesentery disease ≥2 cm 2
Omentum extension to stomach, spleen, or lesser sac 2
Extension to pelvic sidewall, parametria, or hydroureter 2
Ascites-large volume (seen on all cuts) 2
Performance status ≥2 2
Suprarenal paraaortic lymph nodes ≥1 cm 2
Diaphragm or lung base disease ≥2 cm or confluent plaque 1
Inguinal canal disease or lymph nodes ≥2 cm 1
Liver lesion ≥2 cm on surface or any size parenchymal lesion 1
Porta hepatis or gallbladder fossa disease ≥1 cm 1
Infrarenal paraaortic lymph nodes ≥2 cm 1