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Table 2 Comparison of partial correlation coefficients between ovarian cancer incidence and each variable when the other five variables are controlled for

From: Low fertility may be a significant determinant of ovarian cancer worldwide: an ecological analysis of cross- sectional data from 182 countries

Variables Fertility Ageing GDP Ibs Obesity Urbanization
r P Df R p df r p df r p df r p df r p df
Fertility −0.448 < 0.001 160
Ageing −0.178 0.023 160
GDP 0.148 0.060 160
Ibs 0.079 0.315 160
Obesity −0.048 0.544 160
Urbanization −0.131 0.095 160
  1. The table shows partial correlations between Ovarian cancer (OC56) incidence between each variable while the other four variables are controlled for. - Controlled variable
  2. Ovarian cancer (OC56) incidence rate is from the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Fertility indexed by birth rate, GDP PPP and urbanization are from the World Bank. Ageing expressed as life expectancy (e65) is from the United Nations. Obesity prevalence is from the World Health Organization
  3. Biological State Index (Ibs) was downloaded from previous publications, which were calculated with the data of the world fertility form the UN Population Council and the WHO life tables