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Fig. 14

From: Gonadotropin and steroid hormones regulate pluripotent very small embryonic-like stem cells in adult mouse uterine endometrium

Fig. 14

Differential regulation of various transcripts by E,P and FSH treatment to bilaterally ovariectomized mice. qRT-PCR results show up-regulation of (a) pluripotent Oct-4A, Sox2 and Nanog (b) stem/progenitor (Oct-4, Sca-1) and proliferation (Pcna) (c) primordial germ cells (PGCs) Stella, Fragilis (d) FSHR isoforms R1 and R3 specific transcripts with respect to ovariectomized uterine samples taken as one. There is an overall increase in various markers as a result of treatment. The study needs to be repeated on more numbers of mice. Scale bar 20 μm

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