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Fig. 15 | Journal of Ovarian Research

Fig. 15

From: Gonadotropin and steroid hormones regulate pluripotent very small embryonic-like stem cells in adult mouse uterine endometrium

Fig. 15

Estimating VSELs in mouse uterine cells by flow cytometry. VSELs with a surface phenotype Lin-/CD45-/Sca-1+ in mouse uterus were studied as described earlier [10] (b) cells were gated in the size range of 3–5 μm representing P1 population based on (a) calibration beads (c) LINEAGE negative cells were further gated as P2 population (d) From P2 population, CD45 negative cells (yellow PE tagged) were separated as P3 (e) In the P3 population, SCA-1 expressing cells (FITC tagged) were gated further as P4. Based on this gating strategy almost 0.18% events were VSELs in ovariectomized mice. Using similar method we detected 0.56, 1.80 and 1.80% VSELs after E, P & FSH treatment respectively

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