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Fig. 6

From: Gonadotropin and steroid hormones regulate pluripotent very small embryonic-like stem cells in adult mouse uterine endometrium

Fig. 6

PCNA expression in endometrial sections after estrogen and progesterone treatment to bilaterally ovariectomized mice. a, bc Large number of cells showed nuclear PCNA expression suggestive of increased proliferation after E treatment however. At the same time, large number of cells had blue nuclei stained negative for PCNA. Small spherical cells with PCNA positive nuclei were clearly visualized (arrow). d, e, f Markedly increased PCNA expression was observed in both luminal and glandular epithelial cells after P treatment. All the nuclei in the luminal epithelium were stained positive for PCNA. However, none of the cells show any mitotic figure which is indeed surprising. This observation leads us to believe that epithelial cells arise by differentiation of stem cells and that proliferation/clonal expansion is restricted to the stem cells compartment (please refer to Fig. 12). Non-specific, excessive brown color in the sections is because of endogenous mouse Ig staining since we used mouse primary antibody on mouse tissue. Scale bar 20 μm

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