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Fig. 6 | Journal of Ovarian Research

Fig. 6

From: Narrowing the field: cancer-specific promoters for mitochondrially-targeted p53-BH3 fusion gene therapy in ovarian cancer

Fig. 6

Fluorescent Images of Top 2 hTERT Promoters. All cell lines displayed a qualitative decrease in expression levels from CMV to hTC and hTC to − 279/+ 5. Data could not be quantified due to the difference in expression levels (brightness) between CMV and − 279/+ 5—either CMV would be overexposed, as shown, or − 279/+ 5 would be non-visible. Kuramochi and Ovcar3 are slightly under-represented in the photos, as their confluency was lower (~ 15% and ~ 30–50%, respectively. See text for more details). Scale bar based on Nikon A1R microscope settings

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