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Fig. 8

From: Narrowing the field: cancer-specific promoters for mitochondrially-targeted p53-BH3 fusion gene therapy in ovarian cancer

Fig. 8

Cancer Specificity of hTC, − 279/+ 5, Ran, and Brms1 Promoters. hTC and Brms1 display robust cancer specificity in all three cancer cell lines compared with normal BJ cells. Ran and − 279/+ 5 demonstrate cancer specificity in Skov3 and Ovcar3 cell lines (the degree of specificity is low in Skov3 for − 279/+ 5), but not in Kuramochi cells compared with normal BJ cells. For each column n = 3, and statistical analysis was performed using 2-way ANOVA and Bonferroni’s post-test. Each * corresponds to a P value < 0.001, each # a P value of < 0.01, each + a P value of < 0.05, and each “n” to a non-significant P value when the respective ovarian cancer cell column is compared to the normal cell (BJ) column in the same category with Bonferroni’s post-test

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