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Fig. 4

From: Mitochondrially targeted p53 or DBD subdomain is superior to wild type p53 in ovarian cancer cells even with strong dominant negative mutant p53

Fig. 4

Nuclear transcriptional activity assay was performed to test the ability of all constructs to activate p53-Luc cis-reporter in various ovarian cell lines: (a) SKOV-3 has mutant but non-expressing p53; (b) ID8 has wild type but very low endogenous p53 expression; (c) Kuramochi has dominant negative p53-D281Y mutation; (d) OVCAR-3 expresses dominant negative p53-R248Q mutation. p53-wt was used as the positive control; EGFP was the negative control. “p53-Luc only” was the experimental control with only the reporter gene. Error bars represent standard deviations from triplicates (n = 3). ***p < 0.001

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