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Table 2 Nonserous cases with somatic mutations

From: Germline and somatic mutations of multi-gene panel in Chinese patients with epithelial ovarian cancer: a prospective cohort study

Histology Stage Somatic mutation(s)
Clear cell IIIC PTEN, c.797_c.801 + 4delAAAAGGTTT
Clear cell IC ATM, c.8343_8344delTA
Endometrioid IC PTEN, c.302_305delinsACC/c.406delT/c.635-1G > T
Endometrioid IIIB TP53, c.451delC
Mucinous NA ATM, c.748C > T
Malignant Brenner IC TP53, c.527G > T
Mixed NA TP53, c.532C > G