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Table 1 Antibodies reagents used in immunohistochemistry

From: Canine ovarian gonadoblastoma with dysgerminoma overgrowth: a case study and literature review

Marker Type/Clone Supplier Dilution Antigen unmasking Incubation period Positive control Cells of interest
c-KIT (CD117) Polyclonal Dako 1:450 RS/WB ON Canine mast cell tumour Germ cells
α-inhibin Monoclonal/R1 AbDSerotec 1:50 RS/WB ON Canine ovarian tissue Sex cord cells
Pan-cytokeratin Cocktail AE1/AE3 Menarini 1:300 RS/WB ON Canine mammary gland Epithelial cells
Vimentin Monoclonal/V9 Dako 1:500 RS/WB ON Canine mammary gland Non-epithelial cells
Oestrogen receptor Monoclonal/6F11 Novocastra 1:40 RS/WB ON Canine endometrial tissue Epithelial cells
EMA Monoclonal/E29 Dako 1:20 RS/WB ON Canine intestinal tissue Epithelial cells
Ki-67 Monoclonal/MIB-1 Dako 1:50 RS/WB ON Canine lymphoma with high PI Cells in proliferation
  1. RS Retrieval solution, WB Water bath, ON Overnight, PI Proliferative index