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Table 3 Gonadoblastoma with normal 46, XX karyotype: data from the human literature

From: Canine ovarian gonadoblastoma with dysgerminoma overgrowth: a case study and literature review

Author (Reference) Age (years) Coexistence Bilaterality Karyotype Clinical presentation Treatment
Elemenoglou et al., 1990 [32] NA NA NA 46, XX Pregnant NA
Erhan et al., 1992 [33] 26 DYG No 46, XX Pregnancy+ adnexal mass H + BO+ CHT
Obata et al., 1995 [34] 10 DYG and MGCTa (DYG+ YSC) Yes 46, XX Abdominal pain BO+ CHT
Zhao et al., 2000 [35] 27 MGCT (COC+ EC+ YST+ IT) No 46, XX Abdominal mass UO+ CHT+ H+ UO+ L+ O+ HRT
Kim et al., 2003 [19] 33 DYG and SCST No 46, XX Abdominal mass UO+ CHT
Kim et al., 2003 [19] 30 DYG No 46, XX Abdominal Pain UO
Erdemoglu and Ozen, 2007 [36] 19 EST No 46, XX Abdominal mass + pain UO
Gorosito et al., 2010 [37] 17 DYG No 46, XX Pregnancy+ ovarian mass CHT+ H+ UO
Yilmaz et al., 2010 [38] 20 DYG Yes 46, XX Increased abdominal girth BO+ CHT+ RT
Koo et al., 2011 [39] 34 DYG No 46, XX Vaginal bleeding UO+ L+ CHT
Young et al., 2012 [40] 28 DYG + SCTAT and DYGa No 46, XX Abdominal mass BO+ O+ CHT+ H
Esin et al., 2012 [41] 15 DYG No 46, XX Irregular vaginal bleeding+ pelvic pain UO
Kanagal et al., 2013 [42] 14 DYG No 46, XX Abdominal mass UO+ CHT
Kulkami et al., 2016 [43] 20 DYG No Absence of Y in FISH Abdominal pain UO
Gru et al., 2017 [44] 24 MGCT (DYG + ST) No 46, XX Incidental finding UO
Arafah et al., 2018 [45] 19 MGCT (YSC+ COC) No 46, XX Abdominal heaviness+ increased abdominal pain UO+ O+ CHT
  1. NA Not available, DYG Dysgerminoma, YSC Yolk sac tumour, MGCT Mixed germ cell tumour, COC Choriocarcinoma, EC Embryonal carcinoma, IT Immature teratoma, SCST Sex cord-stromal tumour, EST Endodermal sinus tumour, SCTAT Sex cord-stromal tumour with annular tubules, ST Spermatocytic tumour-like, FISH Fluorescence in situ hybridization, UO Unilateral oophorectomy, H Hysterectomy, BO Bilateral oophorectomy, CHT Chemotherapy, L Lymphadenectomy, O Omentectomy, HRT Hormonal replacement therapy, RT Radiotherapy
  2. acontralateral ovary