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Table 2 Overview of the 6 studies selected from literature

From: Prognostic values and prospective pathway signaling of MicroRNA-182 in ovarian cancer: a study based on gene expression omnibus (GEO) and bioinformatics analysis

AuthorYearCountryCaseControlResultDetection methods
Source namenSource namen
Wei Lu2016ChinaOC12NOTs8Down-regulationqRT-PCR
Barbara Marzec-Kotarska2016PolandEOC47NOTs26Up-regulationmicroRNA microarrays
Lin Wang2014ChinaOC41NOTs15Up-regulationReal-time PCR
Bente Vilming Elgaaen2014NorwayHGSC35NOTs9Up-regulationqRT-PCR
Zhaojian Liu2012USAHG-PSC56FT21Up-regulationmicroRNA microarrays
Yu-Quan Wang2013ChinaOC13NOTs2Up-regulationstem-loop RT-PCR
  1. OC ovarian cancer, EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, HGSC High-grade serous ovarian carcinoma; HG-PSC high-grade papillaryserous carcinoma; NOTs normal ovarian tissues, FT fallopian tube tissue