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Table 2 Linear CA125 prediction model in Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial (PLCO) training dataset

From: Development and validation of circulating CA125 prediction models in postmenopausal women

Predictor% Change in CA125
levels c
Age a (per year)0.5< 0.0001
 Black−20.7< 0.0001
 Hispanic−12.0< 0.0001
 Asian−8.5< 0.0001
Body Mass Index b (per kg/m2)−0.4< 0.0001
Smoking status
 Current−16.9< 0.0001
Pack-years among current smokers0.20.001
Pack-years among former smokers0.10.02
Parity (per child)0.90.0001
Hysterectomy−11.2< 0.0001
Age at last menstrual period
  < 40 years−2.50.08
 40–44 years−1.70.18
 45–49 years−0.60.53
 50–54 yearsRefRef
  ≥ 55 years4.60.0001
Hormone therapy
Duration of hormone therapy
 0 yearsRefRef
  ≤ 1 year−0.040.99
 2–3 years1.70.88
 4–5 years1.70.88
 6–9 years2.40.83
  ≥ 10 years4.20.71
  1. aCentered at 62 years
  2. bCentered at 25.9 kg/m2
  3. cEstimate from multivariate model adjusted for all listed predictors