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Table 2 Literature review of all previous cases of false elevations of AFP in seminoma

From: Persistently elevated alpha-fetoprotein associated with chronic hepatitis B during chemotherapy for malignant ovarian germ cell tumors: a case series and a review of the literature

AuthorYear of publicationCasesStageMaximum AFP level (ng/ml)EtiologyAdditional TreatmentFollow up
Norgaard-Pedersen et al. [33]19843NA30NAANED
Germ et al. [34]19862IV169HDANED
Germa et al. [26]19931II36HDANED
Nazeer et al. [37]199810NA16NAYes (n = 5)ANED
Morris et al. [35]20001I20NAANED
Funahashi et al. [31]20051I40HDANED
Vazeille et al. [36]20161I19NAANED
Wymer et al. [18]20174I40.2NAANED
Dieckmann et al. [32]20175I: 3, II: 1, R: 120.4NAYes (n = 1)ANED
  1. ANED Alive with no evidence of disease, HD Hepatic dysfunction, R Relapse, NA Not available