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Table 3 Reproductive outcomes after IVF in patients with surgery-induced DOR

From: Live birth rate comparison of three controlled ovarian stimulation protocols for in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer in patients with diminished ovarian reserve after endometrioma cystectomy: a retrospective study

 Group AGroup BGroup CP value
Total cycles113121108
Fresh embryo transfer cycles848769
Fresh transferred embryos159161134
Mean number of transferred embryos ddemembyos hello embryos embryos1.891.851.94
Embryo utilization rate (%, n)79.49 (248)78.04 (224)74.82 (211)NS
Implantation rate (%, n)25.16 (40)18.01 (29)17.16 (23)NS
Clinical pregnancy rate (%, n)45.24 (38)33.33 (29)28.99 (20)NS
Live birth rate (%, n)32.14 (27)19.54 (17)24.64 (17)NS
Spontaneous abortion rate (%, n)28.95 (11)34.48 (10)15.00 (3)NS
Ectopic pregnancy rate (%, n)06.90 (2)0NS
Multiple pregnancy rate (%, n)5.26 (2)015.00 (3)NS
  1. Statistical differences were calculated using the Pearson’s chi-square test or Fisher’s exact test
  2. Significant at P < 0.05