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Table 1 Basal characteristics

From: Rare homozygous mutation in TUBB8 associated with oocyte maturation defect-2 in a consanguineous mating family

Age (years)Infertility duration (years)BMI (kg/m2)E2(pmol/L)FSH (IU/L)LH (IU/L)AMH (ng/ml)PRL (ng/ml)T (nmol/l)P (nmol/l)TSH (mIU/L)
  1. BMI Body mass index (normal range: 18.5–23.9 kg/m2), E2 Estradiol (normal range: 40–253 pmol/L), FSH Follicle stimulating hormone (normal range: 2.5–10.2 IU/L), LH Luteinizing hormone (normal range: 1.9–12.5 IU/L), AMH Anti-Müllerian hormone (normal range: 0.24–11.78 IU/L), PRL Prolactin (normal range: 5.18–26.53 ng/ml), P Progesterone (normal range: 0.6–1.9 nmol/l), T Testosterone (normal range: 0.9–2.9 nmol/l), TSH Thyrotropin (normal range: 0.49–4.67mIU/L)