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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of 3 cycles

From: Rare homozygous mutation in TUBB8 associated with oocyte maturation defect-2 in a consanguineous mating family

Cycle numberDate/Menstrual cycleMedicineFollicles of right ovary (mm(N))Follicles of left ovary (mm(N))Total Number of oocyte retrievedStage of Oocyte (N) after 24–36 h of culture in vitro
1    23MI(22) + GV(1)
2017.10.25/D18GnRHa (mg):0.9    
2017.11.8/D5rFSH(U): 150*5d2*2(3)2*2(4)  
2017.11.13/D10rFSH(U): 150*4d8*8(3),6*6(3)10*9(2),8*7(1),7*5(3)  
2017.11.17/D14rFSH(U): 150*3d15*14(1),14*14(1),12*11(4)15*15(1),15*13(2),16*12(1), 14*14(2),14*10(1),12*12(2)  
2017.11.20/D17rHCG (ug): 25021*21(1)22*19(1),21*20(2),19*17(2), 19*16(2),18*17(1)  
2    21MI(12) + GV(2)+ + degenerate oocytes (7)
2018.3.19/D3HMG(U): 225*5d
Clomiphene citrate (mg): 100*5d
2018.3.24/D8HMG(U): 225
Clomiphene citrate (mg): 100
2018.3.25/D9HMG(U): 225*2d
Clomiphene citrate (mg): 100*2d
Ganirelix (mg): 0.25*2d
2018.3.27/D11HMG(U): 225
Ganirelix (mg): 0.25
2018.3.28/D12Ganirelix (mg): 0.25
HCG (IU):8000
22*22(1),21*20(1),20*20(3),19*19(2),18*18(2)23*17(1),22*20(1),18*18(1), 17*17(1)  
3    12MI(7) + GV(3) + degenerate oocytes(2)
2018.9.18/D3HMG(U): 225*4d3–4(6)3–4(7)  
2018.9.22/D7HMG(U): 225*2d8*8(1),6*5(1),5*5(1),4*4(1),4*3(1)10*7(1),9*9(1),9*7(1),8*8(1)  
2018.9.24/D9HCG(U): 1000013*12(1),8*8(2),7*7(1),5*5(4)13*13(1),13*12(1),12*12(1), 11*11(1),10*10(2),9*9(1)  
  1. D Day number of menstrual cycle, d Days of continuous medication, N Number, rFSH recombinant follicle stimulating hormone (Gonal-F, merck Serono, Switzerland), rHCG recombinant human chorionic gonadotrophin (Ovidrel, merck Serono, Germany), HMG human menopausal gonadotropin (Lebaode, Livzon, Zhuhai), HCG human chorionic gonadotrophin (Livzon, Zhuhai), GnRHa (Diphereline, Ipsen, France), Ganirelix (Orgalutran, merck sharp organon, USA), Clomiphene citrate (Clomifene Citrate Tablets, Hengshan, shanghai)