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Table 2 Clinical study of stem cell therapy on POF

From: Recent trends in stem cell therapy for premature ovarian insufficiency and its therapeutic potential: a review

Status Phase Stem cell type Sponsor Clinical Trial Number
Completed 1,2 OCT4 marker measured Al-Azhar University NCT02151890
hUCMSC and hCBMNC transplantation Shenzhen Beike Bio-Technology Co., Ltd NCT01742533
autologous MSCs injection El-Rayadh Fertility Centre NCT02043743
autologous MSCs treatment + OCT4 marker measured Sayed Bakry NCT02062931
Recruiting BMSC treatment directly to ovary University of Illinois at Chicago NCT02696889
1 embryonic stem cell derived MSC-like cell transplantation directly into bilateral ovaries Chinese Academy of Sciences NCT03877471
1,2 VSELs from the patient’s peripheral bloodinjected in bilateral oviducts + hormone and menstrual conditions measured Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou NCT03985462
Derivation of hESC lines Hadassah Medical Organization NCT00353197
Active 2 hUCMSC treatment Sclnow Biotechnology Co., Ltd. NCT03816852
1,2 intraovarian transplantation of autologous BMSCs & MSCs. Stem Cells Arabia NCT03069209
  1. hUCMSC human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell, hCBMNC human cord blood-mononuclear cells, BMSC bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells, VSEL very small embryonic-like stem cell, hESC human embryonic stem cell